Custom Home Network - Advanced Wireless Solutions

Award Winning development company, Lionhardt Technologies, is now offering advanced wireless installation services to new home builders for their clients.
Advanced wireless delivers a stronger, more powerful signal than standard wireless and ensures reliability throughout your house.
Our wireless provides zero handoff roaming. You can move throughout the house with any wireless device and you won't experience connection loss. We can configure guest access for visitors or friends & family who want to use your wireless network without requiring an access key.
Client Consultation: We are available to consult with home buyers at builders location to discuss their requirements, options, and answer technical questions regarding our products and services. Such consultation is for information purposes only and free of charge.
Home Owner Consultation:
After the homeowner has moved into the new property Lionhardt Technologies will schedule an hour consult with the homeowner to configure the wireless network to their specific needs. An information package will be given to the builder after our technicians finish the final inspection of the installation.
Builders: Need a quote? Use our online form to request one.
Home Owners:
Brochures are available for download.  Or have your home builder sales rep contact us
Have questions? Contact us.