Custom Home Network Wired Solutions

Award Winning development company, Lionhardt Technologies, is now offering custom ethernet cabling services to new home builders for their clients.
A wired home network uses ethernet cable to connect computers to the network router, provides constant speed availability, and doesn’t interfere with wireless signals.
Smart and inexpensive, a cabled home is the best solution for home buyers who use personal computers, gaming systems, or run home businesses and want faster, safer, more reliable internet connectivity than the standard wireless-only set-up.
Client Consultation: We are available to consult with home buyers at builders location to discuss their cabling requirements, options, and answer technical questions regarding our products and services. Such consultation is for information purposes only and free of charge.
Builders: Need a quote? Use our online form to request one.
Home Owners:
Brochures are available for download.  Or have your home builder sales rep contact us
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